Singer artist Sanjeev Arya shared the Anouncement of the new upcoming song from his Facebook instagram handle

Singer Sanjeev Arya's new Upcoming song poster released on social media

Singer Sanjeev Arya on Saturday 16 October spoke about the upcoming music video "Chaha Ko Amal"with his fans and said that this video song will be released soon on the occasion of New Year. 
He is working on this subject since last February 2020. "Chaha Ko Amal" means "Addiction to Tea" so all tea lovers are going to love this song Kafi.
The song Chashmawali was released in February, which was very much liked by the people. Now people are very excited about the new song, let's see how the new song lives up to the expectations of the people.

Sanjeev Arya has made a different identity in the Uttarakhand music world with his work.

After acting, direction, and cinematography in 100+  Kumaoni and Garhwali music videos, Sanjeev Arya has now made a different singer in the hearts of the people as well. His songs are very much liked by the people. "Ek Lotiya Dudh" is very much liked in the Kumaon region. Be it marriage or any party, their songs live on the tongue of the people.Now he is also going to do another sizzling video of "Rumali Ke Gantha" singer Jitender Tomkyal which will come from Ats Entertainment Company.

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