How To Become Seo Expert ? Step By Step Process

What Is Seo Expert Job ?

Seo experts are a very different kind of online job. So that you can sit anywhere in the world. Now like this is an internet job, you may be thinking that you will also earn money from the internet, but it depends on you, if you work in a company, then the company will give money if you have your own work then you can earn money from the internet and clients.In this task you have to rank your client, company or your own website in search engine.The more you bring them to the top of the search engine, To increase your web rank on search engines and your social media numbers, the person is called Seo Expert.

what skills Required for Seo Expert?

  • Your thinking is always to rank top, this should be it.

  • You must have knowledge of content writing and speaking.

  • You should also have programming and technical knowledge.

  • You should be interested in numbers.

  • You should also have knowledge of computers.



How To Learn web Seo Easily ?

You have to learn social media first to learn web seo. Like Facebook, Instagram, then a little technical Google analyst, Google search console, have to learn and have to do a good research on the keywords, they have to understand what is used for what, for which, you have to understand how search engines work. Every day you have to analyze about seo. You can also learn to do basic seo by watching some good online videos.

Scope In seo expert filed

The scope of web seo experts in the world of internet has grown a lot since 2010 and in today's digital time every company has to improve its business with the help of search engines so they need you and will be there for 100 years to come. So there are plenty of scopes, just work on your skills every day.

Salary Of Seo Expert in india

20 thousand to 30 thousand you get when you have understanding of 1 year,after that you can acquire up to 1 lakh a month following 4 years, you can procure up to 3 thousand days in a consultant.

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