What is insurance and what does it benefit?

what is insurance ?

How does insurance works ?

You do not do anything, but do get insurance first. You must have heard this very often, but still you have not got insurance done yet. If you do not know what insurance is, then I tell you
Insurnce means protecting yourself from imminent danger and your family or home, car, animal or anything else that you love.Insurnce is a legal agreement between two parties to an insurance company and a person to do it. According to this agreement, when a person gets insurnce from the insurance company, then the company compensates the financial loss to the person in future.

How does insurance works ?

The insurance company collects a fixed amount from the insured, which means that if the premium reaches a loss to the insured after taking the premium, then the loss of the term and condition of the policy compensates for the loss. Even then they are accorded agreement according to agreement condition

Types of insurance

There are two types of insurance life insurnce general insurance but nowadays more types of insurance have become famous such as travel insurnce, so let us know about all these

  • life:- So the first is life insurnce,

so you must have known by name that these are the insurance of the life of the insured person,

ie if the person who gets insured dies, then the company favors  his family,

then the cost of this insurnce increases.

When the death of the family is dead and he is the one who takes care of the family's financial security,

then in such a person, if his family is not there, then his family gets financial support,

so this life insurnce must be done so that if you are not there, your house Let's be safe


, home, vehicle, health, animals are all included. These are the benefits of getting home insurnce. If there is any damage to the house tomorrow, then the company will compensate the health insurance, the company will pay for the treatment of your illness. But this will depend on how much you have insured, only then you will get a cover according to which hospitals are associated with this company, you will get the benefit of this policy in the same hospital, nowadays there is a policy for the whole family, so secure your family.Insuring the vehicle is compulsory and if you do not do so, it is fine that according to this policy, if there is any damage to your bike car, then the company will compensate you if there is any damage or death to your vehicle. Covers it as a third part


Nowadays, these insurance are also very much discussed and these insurnce protects against the losses that occur during travel,

that is, if a person travels and an incident happens to him, then the company helps him,

the time limit of this policy Nowadays you will see that when you book a car on an app, you also have the option of insuring 1 or 2 rupees, well, it is your wish whether you get it done or not. But from now on you know what is insurnce and what are its benefits and how can I benefit you in this future if you love yourself and your family, then insurance is made

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