PUBG Mobile Now Banned In India Official Announcement

why is pubg getting banned in india?

The Government of India has banned PUBG today on 2 September 2020,

besides banning 118 China apps which have some selfie applications and some online payment service applications. Even before this, the Indian government had banned 59 other applications with Famous Tiktok application,

this concrete step has been taken regarding the security of India, because this app was stealing the user's data somewhere and cyber crime has been said by the government And the Home Ministry had objected to such apps earlier also.Children were crazy for pubg in India, their families were upset with this addiction, children had a very different illness due to hours of playing this video game. The adults also gave up their work and were concentrating on playing this game so that having their future had was spoiled..

How people earn from pubg?

Nowadays, there are many games that can make money online, in which there was a pubg. There were many pro pubg players who earned money by streaming online games, but some people used to raise funds online by giving a shoutout by patym or any India's game player used to earn lakhs of rupees by promoting gaming products online.

what is pubg why was banned in india?

pubg has app from south korea but the name of the company it runs is tencent which is a china company. The game has at least 734 million downloads, of which 50 million people are active from India. About 1.5 lakh people play this game a day.
After the Ladakh dispute between India and China, India banned this app due to its security purpose.

Countries like Iraq, Jordan, Nepal have also banned the Pubg.

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