How To Become A Web Designer Step By Step Process

what is web designer ?

The website design work is called web design which includes many things including web page layout, content production and graphic design, the person who works in the web design is called web designer. Nowadays web design demands in government and public sector .

What is web designer Job Discription ?

The job of a web designer is not just to design, to understand the needs of your user and give the website an attractive look.The job of a designer is to make the layout and design of the web page architechture, from the home page of the website, to design the content in such a way that the reader and the viewer likes to visit that web again and again, it is very important to have creativity for this work

What degree do you need to be a web designer ?

what is web designer ?
To become a web designer, it is very important to have knowledge of html, css and java language. If you have good knowledge of coding and scripting, then you can move very fast in this field.
There is no need for any specialization in the field of web design, if you are interested in this field, then you can go to this field after passing 12th or take a degree diploma or certificate from a good institute and progress in this field.

There are many courses available for learning web design, for this you can join a good institute, the language and tools required to create websites in these courses are given much attention such as html, java, css, photoshop, web hosting, seo are taught diploma courses are from 1 to 2 years, in this you are told about basic web design degree course is 3 years, in this you are told about advanced web design.


Skills Of A web designer

  • In order to make your career in web design,

  • it is very important to have creativity in you and interest for your work.

  • Imagination is also very important to have quality

  • A web designer should have a good knowledge of every technique while working

  • complete knowledge of computers

  • It is also necessary to have knowledge of html, css

  • Knowledge of photoshop is also important

  • Together I would have taken care to never copy someone else's design


If you work in a company, then you get 15 thousand to 20 thousand in the beginning and after 5 years of experience you can earn up to 60 thousand months. If you work for free Lancer web design, then you charge from 10 thousand to 1 lakh rupees to build a website, the rest depends on your skills level.

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