How To Become OT technician Step By Step Process

what is OT technician?

How To Become OT technician Step By Step Process

OT technician means an operation theatre technician or assistant who helps the surgeon in the operation theatre of a hospital with an assistant or his senior technician during surgery.

How To Become OT technician ?

Previously, you did not have to work hard to become an OT technician, people used to go to an operation theater from some source and learn the work or if they were some ward boy in the hospital, they would have promoted them as OT technicians. This was mostly because people were afraid to see blood at that time or I did not want to work in the hospital line, perhaps it would still run somewhere but now most people are becoming technicians only by doing diploma or degree. I am telling you this thing from 1990 to 2004 of OT technician of India


When you train for 6 months and do OT job on diploma base for the first time, then your salary will be up to 6 thousand in small hospitals and 12 thousand in big hospitals. After five years of experience, if you are selected in a government job, then your salary will start from 35 thousand. If you do a job in private, then you will get salary from 20 thousand to 25 thousand in India

Scope in This Filed

New hospitals are opening on the next day, then OT technician will be required but I will tell you about the inside. After getting this job, no one changes the job for 5 years

and every year more than 1 lakh children pass out from institutions in India,

so most of the beginning technicians are unable to get jobs and they get frustrated.

The mind changes, they start doing some other work and all the money spent on their studies becomes useless.

Therefore, after thinking carefully, I came to this profession.

Skills & Duites A OT technician

You have to be a quick learner, you should come to work as a team player,

you should have a good in English or science, you will always have to be healthy and energetic. Public speaking .

It is the job of fumigating the operating theater before any surgery.

Ready to take all patient reports from other staff and monitor them to comfort the patient and fix for surgery Assisting your senior or surgeon then taking the patient to the recovery room after surgery.

OT technician Course

You will get a job by doing a one-year diploma(diploma in ot technician) from any good institute, but you should do a diploma of at least 2 years or if possible, you should take a 3-year degree in BSc Anesthesia.
That's where you will get a job

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