How To Become Nurse Step By Step Process

what is nurse and role ?

How To Become Nurse Step By Step Process

A person who is skilled and trained to serve and care for sick people. A woman who takes care of a child is called a nurse. Nurses play different roles in hospital departments. icu's nurse has a different role. The nurse's of OT has a different role, the nurse of the nature has a different role.


What is Nurse Job Discription ?

The nurse's who is the link between the doctor and the patient is responsible for monitoring the patient's vital checks, monitoring them and administering them to the patient, updating the patient's medical reports and adding them to their nursing care plan and Later, when the doctor comes round, I show him the updated records of the patient. Nurses are responsible for maintaining a patient's file record. She works continuously with doctors and coordinates the best health plan for every patient.

What degree do you need to be a Nurse?

To become a nurse, it should be mandatory for you to do intermediate with science subject. After that you will be able to become a registered nurse's. Those who do diploma in nursing say gnm means general nursing and midwifiery.
You can also take a degree in B.Sc Nursing, it helps you to become a first level nurse in the hospital. Therefore, you can also do diploma of anm nurse but anm nurse's works in rural area and they are trained in the same way as caring for children, mothers and old people. If you just want to do teaching then you can study MSc by nursing.

Scope and salary of nurse

The registered nurse's salary is around 6 lakhs annually. Diploma nurses get 16 thousand to 22 thousand months, but they depend on how big hospital they are working. After some time experience after nursing, you get a lot of opportunities to work abroad and you can earn in Dollars but it also depends on your skills.

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