How To Become Lab Technician Step By Step Process

what is Lab Technician?

How To Become Lab Technician Step By Step Process

If you have seen someone who has got a disease, they go to the doctor and the doctor sends him to the laboratory to do some tests, where there are some technicians who do the test as told by the doctor.So friends, these are lab technicians working in the laboratory who do the test as prescribed by the doctor and prepare their report and return them, they are called Lab Technician.


As  trainee for 6 months and do Lab Technician job on diploma base for the first time, then your salary will be up to 14 thousand in small hospitals and 17 thousand in big hospitals. After five years of experience, if you are selected in a government job, then your salary will start from 35 thousand.

Scope in This Filed

Nowadays, if people see new diseases are increasing, then it becomes very important to find their merge and due to this the demand of laboratory and lab technician is increasing, in today's time
The demand of lab technician to government and private hospital, doctors, laboratory is very high. Friends, lab technicians are considered very good professionals and they also get very good salary. There are very good scopes in this field.

Skills & Duites Lab technician

Maintaining eupyments in the laboratory, cleaning them daily

Careful tender loving care.

Magnificent composed and oral relational abilities.

Great teamworking aptitudes.

Scientific aptitudes.

Time the offices.

You have to be a quick learner,

you should have a good in English or science, you will always have to be healthy and energetic. Public speaking .

Lab technician Course

There are some courses to become a lab technician or you can also open your own lab. Three courses are mostly

  • CMLT Certificate in Medical Lab Technology. If you want to work for lab technician in less time then these courses are 6 months to 1 year.

  • DMLT Diploma in Medical Lab Technology This course can be done after 12th science, it is a two year course, after doing this diploma, you get some good salary and it is a good course from CMLT.

  • BMLT  B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology After 12th Science, there are three year Bachelor level courses, if you want to study deep in medical laboratory and you want to complete graduation too, then these are the best course for you.You will graduate after doing this

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